Ethnic Communities in Israel - a 7 Day Tour

Druze woman baking pitta bread

​Experience Israel through its many faces: versatile populations and various ethnic groups await you as you tour the country from North to South​ ​


Day 1

The Diaspora Museum
Carmelite Monastery in Mukhraka
The Bahai Gardens
Bahai Shrine

Tel Aviv - Haifa

Start the day with a visit to the Diaspora Museum The museum tells the story of the Jewish People from the time of their expulsion from the Land of Israel 2,500 years ago to the present. 


Continue north to drive up Mount Carmel to visit the Mukhraka, a Carmelite Monastery that is one of the oldest in the world, which commemorates the confrontation between the prophet Elijah and the false priests of Ba’al. 


Further north on the tip of Mount Carmel, Haifa presents opportunities to encounter two religious groups in addition to Judaism, both coming out of Islam and each moving away from the source. The beautiful Bahai Gardens convey some of the underlying aesthetics and spirituality of the Bahai faith, while a visit to the Ahmadiyya community will shed light on their ideas and history. (The Ahmadiyya community lives in a small neighborhood of Haifa called Kababir on the western slopes of Mount Carmel.)


Overnight in Haifa

Ethnic Communities in Israel - a 7 Day Tour