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​Experience Israel through the tastes and the smells: a gastronomic adventure to discover Israel's multicultural population and unique culture while indulging yourself in a wide palate of flavors. ​
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Day 1

ancient oil press in the Golan Heights
a winery in the Golan Heights
Jordan River Valley
Restaurant and pleasure boat on the Sea of Galilee

Begin your gastronomic adventure in Israel in the Golan Heights, which few people know has become a magnet for wine, food and olive-oil connoisseurs. Wine, oil and livestock have been the traditional produce of the Golan for centuries. One of the finest illustrations of this fact is the Talmudic village of Katsrin, where wine- and oil-presses have been discovered, and an oil press is on display and even used.


After a short tour of the ancient village, you can proceed to the nearby industrial zone to visit the Eden Water Mineral Water Plant (04-696-1050; 04-696-28245, ext. 236) and Katsrin’s winery, one of many in the Golan Heights.


Drive north through the Druze villages of Buk’ata and Mas’ade, stopping for the special Druze pita bread, cheese and za’atar (The biblical hyssop).


Descend from the Golan to the Hula Valley via the headwaters of the Jordan. Due to the abundance of water, the area is dotted with fish ponds. Dinner at a fish restaurant is a great choice in this region, with trout one of the specialties.


You can also head down to the Sea of Galilee to enjoy a fish dinner along the lakefront, the local favorite being St. Peter’s (tilapia).


Overnight at the Hula Valley or the Tiberias area
Food and Wine - a 10 Day Tour