Lots of family fun and learning experiences are not the only advantages of an unforgettable trip to Israel. Just imagine your child some day saying to his or her child, “I remember coming here when I was your age.” This four-day Galilee itinerary reaches for that goal. 


Day 1

Jezreel Valley
Jezreel Valley


Your first stop can be the biblical tel of Megiddo in the Jezreel Valley, less than two hours from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Learning becomes fun at this mound with 25 buried cities, especially at Megiddo’s 9th-century BCE water tunnel. Next, head for the Beit Alfa synagogue mosaic in the eastern Jezreel. The ancients made the floor a series of pictures in stone that everyone, then and now, can relate to. A short imaginative film depicts the artists who created the floor and the elders who commissioned it. Water fun awaits you at the springs of Gan Hashlosha (Sakhne). You can then hop over to Tiberias for a fish dinner on the Kinneret Lakeside promenade. Or, if you’re planning to eat meals at your accommodations, stop at the supermarket to pick up the fixings.

Galilee's Got It All - 4 day itinerary