General Interest 4 Day Itinerary

General Interest 4 Day Itinerary

Planning to visit Israel? There's so much to see and you wouldn't want to miss anything! Whether you're travelling alone or with your loved ones, we suggest you check out this itinerary before making any plans.


Day 1

Mount of Olives
Tower of David in Jerusalem
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Cardo
Western Wall

Begin your visit in Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives – the best place to start your Jerusalem experience, with its panoramic view of the Old City, its ancient Jewish cemetery and historic churches.  

Visit the Tower of David Museum showcasing the history of Jerusalem from its beginnings to modern times.  

Wander the Old City markets, steeping yourself in its sights, sounds and aromas, and try your hand at hunting and bargaining for treasures.

Stop in at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, and Syrian Orthodox orders all maintain their own sections and can be identified by their distinctive dress and liturgy, at the heart of the Christian Quarter.

Continue to the rebuilt Jewish Quarter including the old Sephardic synagogues, the Cardo, which was the main street of Byzantine Christian Jerusalem, the Broad Wall, the Burnt House with its captivating audiovisual presentation, the Herodian Mansions, and more. 

Toward evening, head down to the Western Walla special time of day to visit Judaism’s most sacred site revered as the last remnant of the Second Temple. While at the Western Wall, arrange your schedule to join a public tour of the Western Wall Tunnels by enquiring at the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.  

Overnight in Jerusalem 

General Interest - a 4 Day Itinerary