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Never The Same

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“To walk where Jesus walked, to pray where Jesus prayed, to stand where he stood – the Bible comes alive in the land of miracles. There is no other place like it on earth. Experience a blessing that will last a lifetime by visiting Israel!”

Pat Robertson

Founder, Christian Broadcasting Network

Host, The 700 Club


“When you visit Israel, your life will never be the same. You will never regard the Word of God the same. You will see God linked together in various parts of prophecy and history. Spiritually, personally, emotionally, historically – your whole perspective will change.”

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer

Senior Pastor 

Faithful Central Bible Church



 Sites & Attractions

An academic branch of Brigham Young University for Middle Eastern Studies, built at the...
The winery was established in 1993 and it produces approximately 80,000 bottles annuall...
. Mount Herzl. The State of Israel’s national cemetery was named after the state visio...
The House of Representatives of the State of Israel, comprising a plenary, conference r...
The winery was established in 2002 and it produces approximately 5,000 bottles annually
Memorial established on the Jordanian military post, with a permanent exhibition on the...


​Is a group of three prestigious wooden cabins and suite – each one unique with its own...