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Marketing and Charter Flight Safety Net Agreements

Marketing and Charter Flight Safety Net Agreements

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Dear tourism trade colleagues,

The Israel Ministry of Tourism operates extensively to increase tourism to Israel, a large portion of activity being dedicated to marketing and promotion. We view the cooperation with the industry as invaluable and the tourism trade professionals as strategic partners for advancing our efforts to promote and increase tourism to Israel.
It has been a long standing policy of the Ministry to assist tourism trade entities in their efforts to market Israel as an outstanding and unique destination. This assistance is part of the Ministry’s wide array of marketing efforts and is a common practice in our global activities.
The assistance of the Ministry is focused in two types of activities - Marketing Cooperation Agreements with tourism wholesalers and other relevant entities, and Safety Net Agreements with charter flight operators.

As we wish to expand our marketing efforts, we cordially invite you to establish a new Marketing Cooperation Agreement or Safety Net Agreement, or continue our existing cooperation in these fields, in accordance with the procedures attached herewith.
For more information, please see the attached files:  

Marketing Cooperation Agreement

For a Marketing Cooperation Agreement, please download the following forms:

 Marketing Cooperation Agreement Procedure

Appendix 2: Agent Profile Form

Charter Flight Safety Net Agreement

For a Charter Flight Safety Net Agreement, please download the following forms:


Special notice:


Following the signing of an “Open Skies” agreement with the European Union by the government of the State of Israel, on the 21st of April 2013, the Israel Ministry of Tourism hereby announces that no new Charter Flight Safety Net Agreements will be signed with operators in the European Union from this date on.




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