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Neot Kedumim

In Neot Kedumim you'll find the land of the Bible restored, offering a tour of biblical landscapes and much more

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The answers to many biblical questions await at Neot Kedumim, among them: Why was Solomon’s botanical wisdom described as extending “from the cedar to the hyssop” (1 Kings 4:33)? Why did Jeremiah describe Israel as “a thriving olive tree” (Jer. 11:16)? What did the Samaritan woman hear when Jesus spoke to her of “living waters” (John 4:11)?
Ancient agricultural terraces have been restored here, creating the perfect backdrop for a walk through the Garden of Wisdom Literature, Isaiah’s Vineyard and other biblical scenery.

Any time of year is a good time to visit Neot Kedumim, located on 600 acres of Judean mountain slopes, for a self-guided or guided tour. In spring, for example, see a threshing sledge at work (Isa. 41:15); in autumn try your hand at making olive oil.


Neot Kedumim also serves biblical meals and conducts fascinating workshops on scriptural themes.


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