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Israel is fortunate to have a number of very attractive resorts frequented by tourists concerned about their health. Its widespread hot springs, sophisticated spa hotels and sunny climate make Israel a country that can offer its visitors a vacation focusing on their health, or a one-day visit to a health resort as part of the tour. The Dead Sea tops the list of therapeutic resorts, and is famous for its high concentration of salts and minerals.


A health problem is only one reason to visit one of the spa resorts. Normally, all these resorts satisfy the desire for a break from everyday life, whether you visit them for one day or for a longer vacation.

The main therapeutic resorts are located in the vicinity of Lake Kineret and the Dead Sea. But there are other therapeutic resorts throughout the country. Most of the natural therapeutic resorts, as well as, of course, the spa resorts, offer the possibility of combining your visit with a range of holistic treatments. In recent years, the field of alternative medicine has developed rapidly in Israel. Among the treatments offered are water therapy (hydrotherapy), ayurvedic medicine (Indian medicine), and conventional massages. Next to most of the therapeutic resorts are hotels offering special vacation packages that include treatments and pampering, as well as board and lodging.

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The Dead Sea is one of the world’s best-known and most unique therapeutic resorts. The region is characterized by an unusual combination of natural resources and climatic conditions – the saltiest sea in the world that is also mineral-rich; thermo-mineral waters; medicinal black mud; filtered sunrays; dry air rich in minerals; a pleasant temperature most of the year; a relatively high concentration of oxygen; air that is almost completely free of allergens and other air pollutants. Both a briefly bathing at one of the beaches or a stay for a pampering vacation at one of the hotels and guest rooms scattered along its shores are recommended.

A thirty-minute ride from the Dead Sea is the city of Arad, whose cold, dry, clean air makes it a haven for people suffering from asthma, allergies and respiratory problems.



In Mineral Beach, on a well-tended shore of the Dead Sea, are two little pools: a fresh-water pool for small children, and a sulphur-water pool with a fixed temperature of 39 °C whose water arrives from an adjacent spring. On the shore there are open-sided, chill-out style, shelter pavilions from around the world, and plastic chairs. Right on the shoreline is natural mud – when spread on your body, it stimulates blood circulation, strengthens hair roots, and renews skin cells. On the site are cloakrooms, showers, a treatment room, a cafeteria, and a small shop where you can buy Dead Sea products and plastic sandals for entering the sea. A treatment room also awaits visitors, offering various types of treatments and massages by prior arrangement.


Ein Gedi Spa

The Ein Gedi Spa, a well-established site on the shores of the Dead Sea, has six indoor thermo-mineral pools – two for women, two for men, and two for mixed bathing. There is also an indoor resting area facing the primordial panorama of the Dead Sea. The pools are refreshed by a constant flow of salt and mineral rich water, and have a steady temperature of about 38 °C. Outside the building is a large bath containing rich, heavy black mud, which is great for ridding the body of poisons. An all-terrain-vehicle-type train, waiting outside the indoor baths, takes vacationers to the ever-receding seashore, for bathing. There is also a natural freshwater pool outside, which operates in the summer, as well as a spa treatment center. Visitors can enjoy various treatments and massages in the private treatment rooms. It’s worth while to book your treatment in advance, and to inquire about the pampering packages, which include a visit to the facilities on the site, a treatment of your choice, and a packet of cosmetics manufactured from the Dead Sea water.


Neve Midbar

Neve Midbar has baths extending over an area of 8,000 square meters. In the center is a splendid building, inside and around which are stylish pools full of thermo-mineral water drawn from a depth of some 900 meters. The temperature of the water fluctuates between 40 – 46 °C, and is rich in minerals, sulphur and magnesium. There are also saunas and treatment rooms, lawns and a cafeteria at the site. Next to them is Kibbutz Mash'abei Sade, which has guest units.


Khamam Tse’elim

After using the thermo-mineral water for agricultural irrigation for years, the members of Kibbutz Tse’elim discovered its healing powers, and turned the natural resource into a therapeutic site. The small site on the grounds of Kibbutz Tse’elim comprises a little whirlpool, whose water temperature is 40 °C, a dry sauna, a treatment complex, as well as a regular swimming pool. The kibbutz operates as a tourist center, organizes trips in the vicinity and offers the experience of authentic Bedouin tent hospitality. Nearby are the kibbutz vacation apartments.


Ein Bokek

A resort and a therapeutic site at the estuary of Nakhal Bokek, on the western shore of the Dead Sea. The site has some ten hotels, therapeutic baths, two beaches, and a few restaurants. Next to Ein Bokek are several sites, including Nakhal Bokek, Metsad Bokek and Ma’ale Bokek. At Ein Bokek is also located Solarium-400, a site for the natural treatment of skin and arthritic diseases, and psoriasis. The Solarium offers treatments combined with bathing in the Dead Sea and exposure to sun rays used for the healing and treatment of skin and arthritic diseases. The site is located in an enclosure, and has separate sunning courts for men and for women. The main building has four professional clinics that specialize in skin diseases, a workout gym, cafeteria, pub and shops. The site also offers table games and social games, while the workout gym also holds physical activities focusing on joint problems, proper breathing, and the like.



The north of Israel has an attractive concentration of spots for excursions and recreation. However, only two of them have authentic therapeutic baths. Besides these, a range of therapeutic hotels offer various spa services and health programs, as well as healers who use diverse methods.


Khamat Gader

The days of splendour of the Khamat Gader baths, located in the southern Golan Heights, started back in the Roman period when it served as a pleasure palace for the empire’s entourage in Israel. The site’s waters come from five thermo-mineral springs. The temperature of the mineral-rich water fluctuates between 25 °C and 51 °C, and bathing in it helps accelerate metabolism, renew skin cells, and relieve rheumatism and problems connected with the urinary and digestive systems, among other things. The site is one of Israel’s most popular recreational and pampering sites. Next to the baths are spacious, shady lawns, beds and chairs, a whirlpool, water cannons, a cascade to relax in, treatment rooms, and more. There is a separate children’s swimming pool, with a water slide and amusement devices, as well as special spa treatments. Children can enjoy the crocodile farm at the site. Next to the baths is the Spa Village hotel, enabling visitors to visit the site for more than one consecutive day, if they desire.


Khamei Tveriya (“Tiberias Hot Springs”)

Since the days of the emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus, who dropped by to bathe in the site’s warm water on his way to conquer Gamla, and up until now, Khamei Tveriya has served as a popular therapeutic and recreational resort. The site is fed by 17 different springs that flow from the vicinity of Khamat Tveriya National Park, across the road. The water, rich with some 100 different natural minerals, bursts out from a depth of some 2,000 meters to the various pools, whose heat reaches 39 °C.


Today, the site is divided into the old location, with separate bathing areas for men and women, and the spa site – Khamei Tveriya ha-Tse’ira (“Young Tiberias Springs”), with personal therapeutic pools, cosmetic mud pools, a sauna, a workout gym, a whirlpool, and treatment rooms. There is also a toddlers’ pool at the site, as well as a lawn, and a private beach on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.



The central area does not have many therapeutic sites. But, Tel Aviv and the vicinity have a selection of spa centers, offering a selection of treatments and pampering packages. Some are located in hotels, and others in private villas or facing the sea.


Khamei Ga’ash

At an approximate 20-minute ride from Tel Aviv are the main therapeutic springs in the center of Israel, Khamei Ga'ash. The thermo-mineral springs were discovered in the 1980s while prospecting for oil. The site has two pools with thermo-mineral water: One is small and very hot, with a temperature of 40 °C, while the temperature of the other, bigger pool is 36 °C. In addition, there are special showers with therapeutic water, saunas, a treatment center, and a regular swimming pool which is open in the summer season. Next to the baths are Kibbutz Ga’ash’s guest rooms, which can rented for the day or for overnight stays. Next to the kibbutz is Ga’ash beach, where you can drop by after visiting the baths.


Khamei Yo’av

Khamei Yo'av, located south of the coastal plane, has hot sulphur pools whose temperature ranges between 37 – 39 °C. At the site are 11 sitting and standing pools whose temperature ranges between 37 – 39 °C, a whirlpool, cascades, a water massage hall, and a treatment center.


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