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The Abu Abdullah Shrine in Isfiya

The three-story, lemon-hued shrine (maqam) located in Isfiya is dedicated to Abu Abdullah, one of three religious leaders chosen by Caliph Al-Hakem in 996 CE to proclaim the Druze faith.

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Isfiya is home to the three-story, lemon-hued shrine (maqam) to Abu Abdullah, one of three religious leaders chosen by Caliph Al-Hakem in 996 CE to proclaim the Druze faith.

Isfiya and Dalyat al-Carmel are two adjacent Druze towns on Mount Carmel. Together, their population numbers 21,000, each with a small number of members of other faiths.

Abu Abdullah was entrusted by the early Druze leader Hamza with the duty of assisting the oppressed, and is also said to have been the first Druze religious judge (qadi).

Behind the complex, which is adorned with Druze flags, is a grove of very old oak trees. The largest of these grows next to the shrine itself, a long room with wooden doors carved with sheaves of wheat, and containing a small tomb marker covered with bright yellow cloths. The floor is covered with a yellow and green, wall-to-wall floral carpet and the walls are adorned with pictures of Druze leaders. The front yard of the building serves as a picnic area, and features an old, stone-lined well around a spring, Ein Alak.
The Druze make their annual celebratory visit the "ziyara", here on November 15. 

The turnoff to the Abu Abdullah shrine is at a large church west of the main road (672) though Isfiya. Follow the road to the right and down the hill. The shrine is on the left.

For group visits call 052-351-0504

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