Archaeological 4 Day Tour


​​Thousands of years of history come alive: peel off the layers, learn about ancient civilizations and experience Israel through its rich archaeology


Day 4

The old synagogue in Capernaum
Dan Nature Reserve

Around the Sea of Galilee and north to the Golan

Tiberias - The present-day capital of the Sea of Galilee, built by Herod Antipas and once the headquarters of the Sanhedrin, ancient Tiberias is now undergoing excavation that will one day reveal in all their glory its market streets, colonnades, theater and more treasures. Visit the dig, as well as Hamat Tiberias National Park– the remains of a magnificent synagogue mosaic and Mount Berenice – the Anchor Church.


Capernaum – the first of the three cities of the “evangelical triangle” (including Bethsaida and Korazim) to return from historical oblivion, with Byzantine and Roman remains of a synagogue, a church and dwellings that raise many interesting questions and illustrate New Testament stories.


Bethsaida – excavations are underway of the Roman city that figured centrally in the ministry of Jesus, and of huge remains of the biblical city of Geshur, hometown of David’s wife Maacah (2 Sam. 3:3).


Dan Nature Reserve – one of the finest examples of a biblical city and the capital of the Northern Kingdom, Dan’s “Abraham Gate” (Gen. 14:14) is the second-oldest arch in the world. Also visit the Israelite gateway and the High Place of Jeroboam in their tranquil Dan River setting.

Archaeological 4 Day Tour