Archaeological 7 Day Tour

Mamshit National Park

​​Thousands of years of history come alive: peel off the layers, learn about ancient civilizations and experience Israel through its rich archaeology


Day 5

The Roman Aqueduct in Caesarea
The Roman Theater in Caesarea
Beit Shearim
Akko (Acre)

From the Mediterranean Coast to Galilee 

Caesarea National Park – “Queen of the Coast” – Herod’s showcase city, including the amphitheater; the theater; Byzantine walls; the “bird mosaic”; the Crusader city, the aqueduct and more.

Megiddo National Park – King Solomon’s regional capital (1 Kings 9:15), Megiddo’s fortifications, water system, palaces, stables and dwellings spanning thousands of years and its great biblical significance have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Beit She’arim National Park – Talmudic-era catacombs with huge, decorated stone sarcophagi, where sages and leaders from across the ancient world were laid to rest, are just part of the fascinating antiquities of this city, one of the places where the Sanhedrin had its headquarters.


Acre – this medieval gem on the Mediterranean retains a 900-year-old urban plan. The capital of the Crusaders after the fall of Jerusalem, Acre’s ramparts overlooking the sea, its Knights Halls, fishermen’s port, Turkish Bath Museum, bazaar and mosque over a gigantic medieval water cistern have all contributed to this city’s selection as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Archaeological 7 Day Tour