In the Footsteps of Jesus - 7 Day Tour

Ancient mosaic at Tabha - Loaves and Fishes

This seven day tour will take you to the well known sites of the Galilee, mentioned in the Old and New Testament. From Mt. Carmel to the sea of Galilee; from First Kings to the Gospel of John; from Elijah & Deborah to Jesus of Nazareth. Ride through the villages of the region, some of them places of pilgrimage for the past two thousand years.​


Day 1

Stella Maris
Carmelite Monastery at Mukhraka
Das Bahai Zentrum
Carmel Mountain

Haifa and Mt. Carmel. The story of Elijah.
Approx. 35 Km.

Start your trip at the Stella Maris Monastery, above the cave of Elijah, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. From there, continue to the Bahai Center of Mt. Carmel before heading up the further up through Haifa. Continue climbing out of the City and through the woods of Mt. Carmel towards the Druze towns of Daliat El Carmel and Isfiya. From Isfiya, following the road to the peak of Mt. Carmel, arrive at the Carmelite Monastery, marking the place where Elijah challenged the false prophets of Ba’al (1st Kings:18). From there, decend back to Isfiya. 
Overnight in Mt.Carmel Region.

In the Footsteps of Jesus - 7 Day Tour