Christian Interest 10 Day Itinerary

Via Doloroza

Visiting the Holy Land? Don't miss all the hotspots with our suggested itinerary: visit Jerusalem's Via Dolorosa and the room of the Last Supper, check out the Sea of Galilee and all the famous sites of the New Testament, and explore ancient cultures in various archaeological sites.
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Day 5

Roman Aqueduct at Caesarea
Carmelite Monastery at Muhraka
Acre wall
Knights Halls in Acre
Acre's Al Jazzar Mosque at sunset

Caesarea National Park on the Mediterranean is your first stop today, where you’ll find the remains of former Roman capital home of Philip the Evangelist, and where Paul was imprisoned and appeared before Festus, Felix and King Agrippa. 

Tour the Roman theater, the hippodrome and promenade to the renovated Crusader city. Don’t miss the "Caesarea Experience" a fascinating computerized presentation about the city's history.

Then, it’s on to Muhraka, the traditional site of Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Ba’al, with the Carmelite Monastery of St. Elijah.

Continue to Acre, the ancient Phoenician and Crusader seaport (designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site) for a tour of  the Knight​s Halls, the Al-Jazzar Mosque, the bathhouse with its multi-media display and the new ethnic museum, built right into the rooms of the old wall, and the covered markets.

Cross the beautiful Galilee Mountains, stopping at Arbel National Park for an overview of the Sea of Galilee in the late afternoon.

Overnight: in the Sea of Galilee region

Christian Interest 10 Day Itinerary