Ecotourism Itineraries - a 7 Day Tour

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Passionate about the environment? Tour Israel's nature reserves, learn about farming in harsh conditions and visit sustainable-agriculture communities


Day 3

Roman Aqueduct in Caesarea
Yarkon Park
Yarkon Park
Yarkon River

Travel across Mount Carmel and the beautiful Beit Oren Valley down to Caesarea, Herod’s port city and the Roman administrative capital in the region. Enjoy a walk through the impressive remains and a visit to the ancient aqueduct that on a beautiful stretch of Mediterranean beach. 


Proceed to Yarkon National Park, a clean, green vista in the greater Tel Aviv area. Yarkon National Park has two main attractions: Tel Afek (the Roman Antipatris) and its Ottoman-period fortress, overlooking the springs of the Yarkon River; and the area around the sources of the Yarkon River, which boasts a wealth of flora and fauna. The municipal segment of the Yarkon Park in the heart of Tel Aviv is its main urban nature attraction, where you will meet Tel Avivians bike-riding, jogging, strolling and picnicking, especially in the late afternoon. 

Overnight in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem

Ecotourism Itineraries - a 7 Day Tour