Food and Wine - a 4 Day Tour

Red Wine grapes

​Experience Israel through the tastes and the smells: a gastronomic adventure to discover Israel's multicultural population and unique culture while indulging yourself in a wide palate of flavors. 


Day 1

The Jewish Quarter
Bread vendor at Jaffa Gate
Mahane Yehuda Market

Begin your tour of Israel’s gastronomic highlights in Jerusalem, with the flavor of history: Visit the Jewish Quarter, which  was home to European and Sephardic Jews who prayed and studied during the centuries under Ottoman rule, including the Broad Wall, a 2,700 year old defensive fortification, and the Herodian Mansions. 

Descend from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall, the last remnant of the Herodian Temple Mount. Visit the Southern Wall Excavations. Walk on the original street from two thousand years ago, climb the ancient steps, and visit the Multimedia Davidson Center, in the basement of an eighth-century CE building. 

Wander the Old City markets, steeping yourself in its sights, sounds and aromas, and try your hand at hunting and bargaining for treasures.


Later this afternoon walk through Mahane Yehuda, the produce market of the capital where a number of good restaurants have opened there lately in the old stone buildings. 

Finish the day with optional evening tours that explore the development of Jerusalem from the 19th century on. (Must be pre-arranged, can be booked through the concierge at your hotel).


Dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in Jerusalem.


Overnight in Jerusalem

Food and Wine - a 4 Day Tour