Lots of family fun and learning experiences are not the only advantages of an unforgettable trip to Israel. Just imagine your child some day saying to his or her child, “I remember coming here when I was your age.” This four-day Galilee itinerary reaches for that goal. 


Day 2

Hula Valley
Hula Valley
Jordan River

Upper Galilee


Nature lovers, especially those who go for birds, should start out at the Hula Nature Reserve to enjoy the stroller and wheelchair-friendly trails and the visitor center’s multi-sensory presentations “Uforia”. The reserve is a world-class ornithology attraction during migration season (for updates, go to Your next stop can be Banias, with hiking trails, a waterfall and remains of Herodian structures. The cashier will give you the English-language brochure and map and help you decide what traile to take. Then drive to the foothills of Mount Hermon and the medieval Nimrod’s Castle where lots of nooks and crannies are waiting to be explored, along with a breathtaking view from the stronghold tower.


For a less archeology and more action, spend the afternoon kayaking the Jordan River in season, or at the Manara Cliff, with its cable-car, zip line, rock-climbing wall, rappelling and mountain-slide coaster cars.

Galilee's Got It All - 4 day itinerary