Jewish Interest Itineraries - 7 Day Tour

Tower of David in Jerusalem

A Trip to Remember: Visit the land of your ancestors and see history unravel itself before your eyes. The venues you know from the Bible come alive in this exciting tour you'll cherish forever.


Day 1

Mount of Olives
Bread vendor at Jaffa Gate
Western Wall
Davidson Center

Begin your Jerusalem experience on the Mount of Olives, with its panoramic view of the Old City and its ancient Jewish cemetery. Then, it’s time to begin your tour of the Old City. Start with the Ramparts Walk – a walkway atop the Old City walls offers a unique panoramic view of the Old City and its surroundings and is a shutterbug’s delight. (Entry points: Citadel moat, Jaffa and Damascus Gates). 


Continue to the Western Wall, Judaism’s most sacred site. See Bar Mitzvahs (on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays). While at the Western Wall, arrange your schedule to join a public tour of the Western Wall Tunnels by enquiring at the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.


Visit the Southern Wall Excavations, walking on the original two thousand-year old street and climbing the ancient steps. At the Davidson Center, in the basement of an eighth-century-CE palace, look into the possibility of seeing its virtual-reconstruction, high-definition interactive model, and enjoy the high-definition film that depicts ancient pilgrimage to the Temple in a unique way. 

On Mount Zion, visit King David’s Tomb, a site of Jewish pilgrimage since the Middle Ages.


Overnight: in Jerusalem

Jewish Interest Itineraries - 7 Day Tour