Jews and the Bible 4 day itinerary


​Follow the footsteps of the ancestors, walking through history and the Bible to discover the holy land.​


Day 2

Yad Vashem
The Knesset
Supreme Court
Shrine of the Book
Today is devoted to the New City, beginning the day with a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. Walk through the astounding new Museum with its new and moving focus on the individual in the Holocaust, the Children’s Memorial and Hall of Remembrance.  Drive through the New City viewing old and new neighborhoods, the Knesset (The Israeli Parliament) (open for visits on Sundays and Thursdays) and the beautifully designed Supreme Court building.


At the nearby Israel Museum, among many other fascinating exhibits discover the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest copies of the Hebrew Bible, at theShrine of the Book and see the 1:50 scale Mode​l of Jerusalem from Second Temple times.


In the afternoon, drive out to the outskirts of Jerusalem and Nebi Samuel, traditional site of the tomb of the prophet Samuel, with a mosque, a synagogue and extensive Crusader ruins. Climb to the rooftop for a spectacular view of the hills of Samaria, the heartland of the Northern Kingdom in Bible days, as well as of Jerusalem and the coastal plain.


This evening, enjoy  stroll around downtown Jerusalem - walk in the pedestrian malls of Ben Yehuda Street, Nahalat Shiva, a restored quarter of shops, galleries and cafes.


Overnight in Jerusalem


Jews and the Bible 4 day itinerary