Naturally Israel Itineraries - 4 Day Tour


This itinerary is all about the natural beauty of Israel. Visit amazing parks and reserves, immerse yourself in breathtaking vistas, and allow yourself to be one with nature.


Day 1

Hula Valley
Sea of Galilee
view of the Sea of Galilee

Begin your day in Israel’s far northern Hula Valley at the Hula Valley Nature Reserve. The reserve has lovely walking trails, including a "floating bridge" over the wetland, and special lookout points where visitors can observe the avian wildlife.


In the spring of 1994 another stage in the campaign to restore natural balance in the Hula Valley was completed: the re-flooding of 250 acres now known as Lake Agmon, located approximately two kilometers north of the Hula Nature Reserve. Visitors can visit the re-flooded area to appreciate nature’s powers.


While at the Hula Valley Nature reserve don’t forget to stop at Oforia, a fun multimedia display that tells the story of the migratory route across the region and the millions of birds that use it.


Continue south to Israel’s largest fresh-water lake, the Sea of Galilee. This afternoon, enjoy a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee from the top of Mount Arbel. For an adventurous end to the day, take the cliff trail from the top of Mount Arbel to the Sea of Galilee.


Overnight in the Sea of Galilee area

Naturally Israel Itineraries - 4 Day Tour