Naturally Israel Itineraries - 7 Day Tour

Birds in the Hula Valley

​This itinerary is all about the natural beauty of Israel. Visit amazing parks and reserves, immerse yourself in breathtaking vistas, and allow yourself to be one with nature.  


Day 6

salt deposits in the Dead Sea
Ein Gedi botanical garden
floating in the Dead Sea
Mud treatment in the Dead Sea

Drive east towards the Dead Sea and then south along its western shore. Your first stop is Metsoke Der​agot (stepped cliffs), offering a variety of extreme sports activities, safari, jeep tours and rappelling. (Must be prearranged; for more information see:


Continue to the oasis of Ein Gedi where you can enjoy a choice of hikes. The short trail will take you into Nahal David (the David riverbed), the longer trail to Nahal Arugot (the Arugot riverbed). Both hikes offer plenty of shade, water and small pools where you can stop to cool off.  


End the day at one of the spa hotels along the shores of the Dead Sea and pamper yourself by choosing from among the variety of treatments based on the water and the unique combination of 21 minerals of the Dead Sea.


Overnight in the Dead Sea area

Naturally Israel Itineraries - 7 Day Tour