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Several shipping lines offer scheduled sailings from Europe to Haifa Port. Another option for arrival by sea is to join a Mediterranean cruise which includes Israel in its itinerary.

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Several shipping lines offer scheduled sailings from Europe to Haifa Port. Another option for arrival by sea is to join a Mediterranean cruise which includes Israel in its itinerary. Passengers can board in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey or Egypt and enter Israel through Haifa Port, Tel Aviv, Ashdod or Eilat. After the passengers and vessels complete border and customs clearance procedures, they can continue to any of Israel’s marinas. (Besides those mentioned, there are marinas in Jaffa, Acre, Herzliya and Ashkelon.) Arrival via private yacht is also possible and requires reservations several weeks in advance for a berth in the marina of choice.

The Tel Aviv Marina

Telephone: 972-3-527-2596

Fax: 972-3-527-2466

Tel Aviv Marina Website

The marina is near the coastline of Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city and its commercial and cultural center. From Tel Aviv, located in the center of the country and near Ben Gurion Airport, one can travel to anywhere in Israel. The marina offers all the requisite services including: 24-hour security; water; cable and telephone connections; bathrooms and showers; paid parking; and various businesses which can provide whatever is needed.


The Jaffa (Yafo) Marina

Telephone: 972-3-683-2255

Fax: 972-3-683-0377


Jaffa’s marina, south of Tel Aviv, is suitable for sailing and fishing. Its proximity to Israel’s major city makes docking there particularly convenient and also affords visits elsewhere in Israel. Jaffa itself is an ancient city which offers a variety of tourist attractions, restaurants and museums.


The Acre (Ako) Marina

Telephone: 972-4-991-9287

Fax: 972-4-825-8382


Israel’s northernmost marina, located between Acre’s two beaches, is suitable for sailing and fishing. An ancient city, Acre has many tourist attractions.


The Eilat Marina

Telephone: 972-8-637-6761

Fax: 972-8-631-5138


The Eilat marina, on the Red Sea, in Israel’s southernmost city, can also be approached via the Egyptian Suez Canal. Eilat is a resort and tourist center with many hotels, beaches, some of the world’s most beautiful diving sites and other attractions. The city’s airport is used for domestic flights, and nearby is Ovda Airport for international travel.


The Herzliya Marina

Telephone: 972-9-956-5591

Fax: 972-9-956-5593

Herzliya Marina Website


The Herzliya marina, just north of Tel Aviv, serves as a center of recreation and leisure for city residents and visitors. It provides all the modern yacht services including: electricity; sewage; water; telephone; 24-hour security; fueling station, etc. Those docking there can also take advantage of the on-site promenade, restaurants and the nearby shopping mall.


The Ashkelon Marina

Telephone: 972-8-673-3780

Fax: 972-8-673-3823

Ashkelon Marina Website


Israel’s southernmost marina on the Mediterranean is situated between Ashkelon’s beaches, and provides water services, electricity, security, etc. The city itself offers hotels, restaurants and archeological sites.


The Ashdod Marina

Telephone: 972-8-855-7246

Fax: 972-8-855-6810



The Blue Marina in Ashdod is about a half-hour’s drive south of Tel Aviv. It provides services such as water, electricity, internet, telephone, etc., and is part of a commercial and entertainment complex with stores and restaurants. Near Ashdod are several parks and archeological sites.


The Kishon Marina

Telephone: 972-4-842-2106

Fax: 972-4-841-2730


Yachts entering Haifa Port are directed to the nearby Kishon marina, as Haifa Port has no docking facilities for private yachts.

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