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Israelis are addicted to all forms of communicating and the very latest technology. Indeed, many of the world’s instant messaging and communication systems were invented in Israel.



Almost every hotel room has cable TV with access to the international cable news channels. Israel TV has a daily news broadcast in English. The English-language Jerusalem Post and Haaretz newspapers are published daily except Saturday. The International Herald Tribune is printed six days a week in Tel Aviv and includes the English language version of Haaretz.



Telephone service in Israel is world-class. The country-code for Israel is 972. Israeli area codes commence with a zero (e.g. 02-123-4567), so if you calling Israel from overseas, drop the zero (i.e. +972-2-123-4567).


Cell phones

Per capita, more Israelis have cell phones than any nationality on earth. Even children have them. If your U.S. cell-phone and/or handheld wireless device is programmed for international service, it will work automatically in Israel. Alternatively, cell-phones can be rented as soon as you arrive in Israel.



There are public phones throughout Israel. You’ll need to buy a “Telecart” magnetic card to use them: they’re readily available at newsstands, supermarkets, post offices or at your hotel front desk.



Just as with cell-phones, Israelis – per capita – own more PC’s than any other nationality in the world.


Almost every hotel has internet access – in-room and/or wi-fi and/or at its Business Center. Internet cafes are to be found everywhere too. Laptops are always dual-voltage so all you’ll need is a European-style two-pin converter plug that will work in Israel.




Post offices are everywhere, and are the ideal place to buy stamps, mail letters or packages. Most hotels’ front desks or concierges have stamps too.

Israel Post Office Website




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