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Ram Winery

Ram Winery

 The Golan Heights 


General information:

The winery was established in 2000 and it produces approximately 6,000 bottles annually. This is a family winery in Moshav Kidmat Zvi, near to its vineyard. The wine is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot varieties. The winery visit is suitable for individuals and groups of up to 15 participants, and includes an explanation of the various stages of the vine’s growth and wine production from the grape harvest, aging the wine in barrels, and up to the bottle, as well as wine tasting. 


Opening hours:

By prior arrangement.  


How to get there:

Moshava Kidmat Zvi in the Golan can be reached via Road 91 from the Mahanaim Junction (on Road 90). It can also be reached from the Beit Tzida Junction north of the Sea of Galilee, via Road 888 which joins Road 91 at the Beit Hameches Junction. Continue along Road 91 to the Nashot Junction and turn onto Road 9088 to the Katzrin Tzafon Junction. Turn onto Road 9098 in the direction of Kidmat Zvi.   Tourist information is available on the Golan Heights tourism website: www.golan.org.il/tour  

Address: Kidmat Zvi, Golan Heights 12421

Tel: +972-(0)54-6311998
Fax: +972-(0)4-6850440
Email: ramwinery@gmail.com
WebSite: N\A

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Winary Type: Small




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